Yo ya soy el viento
que pasa entre tus dedos.
I caress your hair like the way
you held me in your arms. When I was a child
tenía miedo a ser yo. I hid behind closed doors.
Waiting for the right time to tell you who I was.

Tu ya sabias quien era
and you held me even tighter.
You were always afraid to let me go.

Ahora paso por el cielo salado cargando nubes
And I watch you create storms in your eyes
drowning yourself in prayers.

Mamá naturaleza ya no causes más
earthquakes in your heart.
When you need to find me look up at the sky
You’ll feel me brush your skin
I’ll hold you with a hot summer hug.

You must go forward.
You are still here.
Y yo ya soy el viento.

Saúl Hernández

Saúl Hernández resides in El Paso, TX where he is currently in his second year as a grad student pursing a MFA in Creative Writing. He’s also the current director for Barrio Writers at Borderlands. His passion is in making sure everyone has a voice and know how to use it.

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