The Brillantina Project

If I am Murdered


Don’t tell them / I always had a smile on my face. Don’t tell them / I was kind to everyone. Don’t tell them / I liked to have fun. Don’t tell them / I was full of a joy. Tell them / I was a

bitch. Tell them / I was fierce. Tell them / I had a fire in me. Tell them / I struggled to control it. Tell them / love scared me. Tell them / fear motivated and / sometimes paralyzed me. Tell them /

I kicked ass. Tell them / I was arrested fighting AIDS. Tell them / my gift was turning anger into action. Tell them / social justice is the only justice. Tell them / I was a farmworker, a cocksucker,

an asshole, a chingón, and a poet / all at the same time. Tell whoever did it / that fucked up. Tell them / they didn’t kill me – they unleashed me.

Miguel M. Morales

Miguel M. Morales grew up working as a farmworker. A Lambda Literary Fellow and an alum of VONA/Voices and the Macondo Writers Workshop, Miguel’s work appears in From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction, Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards, and in the forthcoming Imaniman: Anzaldua Poetic Anthology.