Weaving Our Tapestry

What do you say when
words that wrapped themselves around, comforted, held you
crash to the floor?
When these words mingle with tears, the blood of others, the weeping of your soul,
become part of the unsavory mix of despair that we call today?

What do you do with this ability to recall events, recount massacres?
Replay cell phone messages of love to a mother?
Hear the chaos of cries and gunshot, hitting the deck, hitting the wall
of your belief about what it is to be human?

quiet all that keeps you from this unbearable pain of being.
to the sound of grief, your body vibrating sympathy.
your heart break.

Then, pick up the threads of your everyday life and begin,
yet again,
to weave them into the tapestry that is you,
that is us,
that is America.

Dare to sing peace.
Dare to dream again.
Dare to imagine.

Nan Ottenritter

Nan Ottenritter is a poet and musician living in Richmond, VA. Her heart breaks for those touched by the tragedy at the Pulse in Orlando, FL. At certain times and places words can never be enough. Never-the-less, she offers these words of solace and solidarity with and for all.

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