The Brillantina Project

Because i & ii


Because i

Because the sky is blue
our love is blue

Because river Nile is deep
our love is the sea

Because you are my star
I will wait for you
to come and shine
this night

*  *  *

Because ii

I would not cry
because you left

like wind
or because
I have no heart
in me

I would not cry
not because i’m strong
like stone
or because crying
hurts like fire

I would not cry
because the heavens
have swallowed you

Peter Kwange

Peter Kwange was born on the 1st of January, 1999,in the town of Minna, in Niger state, Nigeria. Peter Kwange is a graduate of Semait School of Basic and Remedial Studies, Minna. He has a profound love for art. He is a member of the Hill -Top Art Centre, Minna. His collection of poems titled Deflowered was published in 2016.