He was terrified of our power. Of how the sparks flew out

From our souls and pierced through to the fortress where

He hid a chronic hunger. A rabid wolf preying on forty-nine,

Discovering too late the resilience of shattered glass hearts

Tested in the fires of pain. This country. This nocturnal skin.

If we surrender to grief, we could flood the Earth twice over.

But instead comes dancing. Blessings beneath the discoball,

Where movements become touch, and touch becomes kiss.

Burning. Breathing. Surrendering. Our bodies are invitations

To a future time and place where love is unafraid to be sexy.

Because we’ve always been queer, brown, and unstoppable.

Priyank Pillai

Priyank Pillai is a trans poet and conceptual artist currently based in Houston, TX.

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