Geranio (Geranium) 6/21

to fill the spaces

your people will
plant the seeds of your life
in the emptiness

moon flower and morning glory
in the places you slept

iris and day lily
on the plates you ate from

yuca and maíz
where you spoke
and laughed
and wept

lemon and mango
where you danced
boughs heavy with fruit

crocus and rose
on the skin your lips touched

everywhere life will remember you
will carry your memory
each new blossom
a throne for your soul

to fill the spaces

i hope that your loved ones
are not strangers to each other
that their first meeting
will not be
at your funeral

i pray they will
teach each other
the names of flowers
that are foreign to them

will they lean on each other
fill the blanks in each other’s eulogies?
or keep clear the boundary
insist on a single version of you?

i pray that they will not
deny you
that hate will not make a
Peter out of them

my grief widens
for the barbs and arrows
you will suffer even in death

to fill the spaces

slowly a seedling breaks through its shell
softly the sun sighs on scorched valleys
the earth beats steady as it turns
your absence aches like ripping away
like a fire past
like the birth of new forests

Lucas Garcia

Lucas Garcia is originally from Albuquerque, NM and is now based in Chicago, IL. They are a playwright, poet, and fiction writer; their work can be found in plainchina  and in Re:Visions.


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