Dear Luis

My dear Luis
come get me, I’m at the shore
wishing I was stone
so as not to feel no more.
Orlando got me running
I was never good at track
got used to wearing Romanov corsets
and outrunning the tide
but it can still take me
like it did forty-nine.
My dear Luis
come help me up
so we can take Poseidon’s seat
the ebb and flow
now ours
to breach their dams
and recede that tide
uncovering havens where I can shed pretense
and honor the forty-nine.

Oswaldo Vargas

Oswaldo Vargas is a Michoacán native raised in California’s Central Valley, and is a student studying History and Human Rights at the University of California, Davis. Previous work has appeared in the first issue of La Concencia de UC Davis and will appear in the forthcoming IMANIMAN: Anzaldúa Poetic Anthology.

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