Take, eat, this is my body which is given for you,
This body, loose, young, the body that swung,
The sweaty shiny comfortable skin, the eyes that flashed,
The legs that jumped. Drink this, drink in the body,
This body, that body that came through the day,
Colliding, brushing with other bodies, this body, moving,
Smooth skin against rough cheek, blue silk dress,
Lipstick on the polo shirt, the shorts of a pixie chick,
The torso of a Latino lifeguard, the hands of a spectacled African man,
This body, that body, whose body shivered, shook,
Arms raised to the heavens, shouting its praise,
This body, that body, pulsed to a beat last night–
What body now lifeless lies on the dark red floor,
Sacrificed with the blood of a new covenant
As broad as the arc of a rainbow
In a crowded club in Orlando, the body mashed
From holes that flash, from hells that erupt from
A morning of night, taste this body, taste that meat, eat
The body of the world, no longer in the world.

–Susan Chute, June 12, 2016

Susan Chute

Susan Chute is a poet and librarian formerly with The New York Public Library who now lives and writes in New Paltz, NY, where she founded and runs Next Year’s Words, a popular reading series celebrating the creative voice of the Hudson Valley.


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